Storage Platform for the Integration of Renewable Energy



Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) | Ulster University (Lead Partner)

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies undertakes multidisciplinary research to design, create, develop, improve, demonstrate and evaluate emerging, existing and alternative sustainable renewable energy, building design, construction materials, transport and environmental modification technologies.

Professor Neil J Hewitt is the director of CST, which incorporates aspects of the Northern Ireland Centre for Energy Research and Technology (NICERT), the River Hydraulics and Hydropower group, the Highway Engineering Research Group (HERG) and Construction.


Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Technology (CREDIT)

The Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk IT (CREDIT) was founded in 2002; its mission remains, “to assist Ireland’s transition to a renewable energy-based economy”.

CREDIT is an applied research centre; its research interests include wind energy, energy storage, bio-energy and, recently, wave energy.

In 2005, the Centre led the installation of the world’s first large commercial wind turbine on a college campus, a Vestas V52 850kW machine. The turbine provides half of the electricity used on-campus and has already paid for itself in savings. The turbine has become a symbol of modern Dundalk.

Since 2009, CREDIT has operated the world’s first electricity storage system of its kind coupled to a large, stand-alone, wind turbine. Funded by Enterprise Ireland the system’s core is a flow battery rated at 125kW and 500kWh. It was installed primarily as a research platform.

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